Thursday, January 5, 2012

teddy roosevelt was right.................................................

teddy roosevelt said if we didnt assimilate the immigrant and demand he or she speak english and forget the old country and have allegiance only to america,then we would become a 3rd world flophouse.
seems he predicted the truth.
i live in bensonhurst brooklyn and it has become an annex of china and russia.illegal mexicans are everywhere and having 4,5,6 kids each.
all we have to support.the russians all involved in all medical and accounting fields.they rip off medicaid,they run most of the welfare office.they all collect social security,live in all the old age homes,run all the ambulette services,have 2 pharmacies on evry block and clinics everywhere,its a damn disgrace.
now muslims are coming with the women in burkhas and men telling me that i cant walk my black dog around them.
mexicans riding bikes all over sidewalks as well as chinese.
no english
just a 3rd world dump.

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