Saturday, April 21, 2012


First of all lets stop “coloring” this issue as something else.
There have always been “some” illegal immigrants to the country.
However, not 12 or 14 million at a time.

These people are not immigrants. My family and yours came to this place
... as immigrants. These people are foreign invaders, period.
They should be treated just as they would if they invaded your home.
They should be captured, contained, expelled or destroyed just as they
would be if they showed up in your livingroom.
There REALLY is no difference.
Why is it that some people in America think that the sovereignty and
security of our borders is less important than that of our homes.
Why tolerate them in your nation if you would not have them in your home.
Would it be okay if they camp out in your front yard, or on your patio.
How about letting them move in to your basement for a few months.
Have them up for dinner, let them share a bathroom with your wife and kids. Why not …
I’ll tell you why not. They are uninvited, unwanted, foreign invaders.
Not tourists or visitors or guests to your home or country …
They are INVADERS, period. They deserve no better from us than they would
receive in any other nation.
I can stop them at a cost of approximately 25 cents a round.
There are literally hundreds of acres of farm land here locally that can
benefit from the cheap fertilizer. Perhaps we should send them to IRAQ
or AFGANISTAN or EGYPT. Lets see if they get jobs, housing, and medical
care from them. Lets see if those people are happy with the idea of
having to dial one if they want to make a call in ARABIC next year.

Native americans tried this when the white european invaders showed up.
Look where it got them. Do you think they would do the same if given a
chance to try again ? Do you seriously think we will fare any better than
they did, if we allow this to continue ?
There is no question that we are being invaded. There should be no debate.
The solution is perfectly clear. What is truly lacking here is simply
national pride, intestinal fortitude, and a decision by the American
public to say we have had enough of this bullshit.

May God Bless America, for surely no one else will.