Sunday, September 16, 2012


This uproar over a film is simply in america you have the right to think,feel,say what you want without fear of violence.yes you can disagree in a civil way and choose to not watch or participate but to kill,loot,burn and demand death is insanity.
Our government apologized to a group of thugs.what?where is the american spirit?where is our power and might?how do we allow people to tell us how to live and what to say?
The news agencies followed,fox news spoke strongly against the thugs but added that the filmakers were "loons".they had to pander to these thugs also.
i dont think they are "loons".i think they are people in a free society that voiced their opinion.
We stand up for all types of sick perverted ways in this country,we desecrate marriage,yet we cant speak our mind about islam.
what are we afraid of?the greatest generation would be turning in their graves.
These men fought and died for our rights to freedom and we now pick and choose which freedoms we should honor.
Its a damn film.its fiction.
Maybe we should startshowing the beheadings and rapes going on in the islamic world and people will see the insanity.
We have had desecrations of the virgin mary covered in cowdung in the brooklyn museum and was told it was freedom of didnt see catholics riot and kill.
My point is we are in america and we have a right to express ourselves and not fear retribution.and we expect our government to stand with us.shame on obama