Saturday, August 25, 2012

you tube and facebook slamming free speech for americans!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got a shock this week.tried loading video on my you tube account"mikecutlet",and was blocked for violating their terms.they said i had offensive,racist gave me one option,to acknowledge my guilt before i could appeal.if i didnt hit the "acknowledge"button i wouldnt be able to is this fair?
I of course e mailed and appealed and said these are mini documentaries and i film my life in real time.they were just an observation on whats happening here in america today.we are being invaded and immigrants arent assimilating,etc.
Titles like,"asian scum spitting on sidewalk",illegal with multiple anchor babies throws garbage on train tracks","asians taking over park in brooklyn","asian woman with cans on train".these titles got me!!!!
The appeal was denied and they upheld their decision to limit my free speech.i am mad as hell.
Facebook also joined in,i think they have the same moderators.they said a comment i made on a site was hate speech.i commented to someone who asked why a certain website,not mine,was so mad at islam.i said i have read the koran and it has beautiful verses of love,then kill,kill,kill,rape,enslave,tax.this is hate speech?it was a comment for christ sake.
Facebook also will not respond to your e is a video i made....
  • illegals going to work in am - (mikecutlet)
  • asians on d train - (mikecutlet)
  • asian invasion of brooklyn - (mikecutlet)
  • 3rd world scum ready to spit and got caught - (mikecutlet)
  • eating on d train with muslim praying - (mikecutlet)
  • chinese invasion of brooklyn ny - (mikecutlet)
  • asians gambling in park in brooklyn - (mikecutlet)
  • chinese still in china - (mikecutlet)
  • asian scum everywhere - (mikecutlet)
  • asaian scum everywhere 2 - (mikecutlet)
  • illegals with multiple anchor babies - (mikecutlet)
  • asian 3rd world dump - (mikecutlet)
  • chinese women exercising in beijing,oh wait,brooklyn ny - (mikecutlet)
  • illegals with multiple kids - (mikecutlet)
  • illegals with multiple kids throws garbage on train track - (mikecutlet)
  • illegal child with 2 anchor babies - (mikecutlet)
  • 86th st and bay parkkway a 3rd world dump now - (mikecutlet)
  • asians taking over park in brooklyn - (mikecutlet)
  • asian invasion in bensonhurst - (mikecutlet)
  • asians turn brooklyn into a 3rd world dump - (mikecutlet)
  • illegals with anchor babies - (mikecutlet)
  • illegals in bensonhurst with no fear - (mikecutlet)
  • n train in brooklyn 90 percent asian - (mikecutlet)
  • asian woman coming from her business and carrying bag of cans - (mikecutlet)
  • illegals with multiple anchor babies - (mikecutlet)
  • asian flophouse in bensonhurst - (mikecutlet)
  • this is why i got banned,shame on them all.
  • we all better wake up,this is not america anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!