Thursday, January 12, 2012

observations during vacation week!!!!!!!!!

i took a week off of work this week and traveled around brooklyn.i really cant beleive what i saw.i usually work all week long hours and dont see what goes on.bensonhurst is totally asian now.all i saw were chinese with bags of cans and shopping carts going thru garbage.then went to my park and it was all asians playing cards and english was spoken of course.went to stores on bay parkway and 86th st and saw nothing but chinese signs and little english.
rode buses that used to be empty,now standing room only.nobody gets out of your way.mexican women with 4 and 5 kids takin gup all the seats.old people had to stand while children who didnt pay fares sat.not one parent told their child to get up.
spitting,nose blowing with no tissues,muslim women with multiple kids and covered head to toe.
its a disgrace.we are no longer an americn city.we are a multicultural,3rd world flophouse.
shame on us all.
wow,i really am troubled.