Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i am tired of people asking me what i am,meaning what country i am from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really get pissed when people talk about what country they are from and then ask me where i am from.i tell them i am an american.they say,"no really,where are you from?"
i am as american as an american indian.i was born here,so were both parents as well as grandparents.
we were a nation of immigrants.we are no longer.
we came,had kids,there kids had kids and everyone assimilated.not like today.they come,keep their language and collect our money.
they get help to get business loans,apartments,social security etc.
i am tired of it!
i am not a racist or anti immigration.
i have a right to defend my culture and way of life,even of my govt wont.
pass it on




the lies being told to us

Because the pro-illegal alien lobby has a bottomless pit of money and can hire PR people to spin (and fabricate) anything any way, there are an undue number of myths and lies that the public (and many politicians) has bought into. The FACTS are:
1. It is NOT racist to call these people "illegal aliens" In fact, "illegal aliens" is the only term used in federal laws and regulations to describe criminals (and they ARE criminals) who come into our country illegally. They are not illegal immigrants, not undocumented immigrants, not migrant workers, and not day laborers - they're ILLEGAL ALIENS.
2. Mexico is NOT a poor country. It has the fifth richest economy in the world, and by sending its teeming masses to our country, that status keeps on rising. Mexico has more resources per square mile than the U.S. and plenty of money to take care of its own people. Why should the taxpayers of this country subsidize Mexico's corruption?
3. Illegal aliens are NOT necessarily coming here to work. Lou Dobbs recently reported that 33 percent of our prison population is now comprised of non-citizens. Plus, 36 to 42 percent of illegal aliens are on welfare. So, for a good proportion of these people, the American dream is crime and welfare, not coming here to work.
4. Illegal aliens are NOT doing work Americans won't do. What jobs won't Americans do? In most states, Americans still clean their own houses, do their own landscaping, clean hotel rooms, work in restaurants and fast food places, paint houses, DO CONSTRUCTION WORK, work in airports, etc. - just like we have the past 200 years before "our" government allowed these people to invade our country. There are 18 million Americans who cannot find a job, so illegal aliens who are coming here to work do so at peril to American workers.
5. Illegal aliens absolutely do not contribute more than they cost. Certainly the millions in prison and on welfare aren't contributing a dime to our economy, and the ones who are working often are paid in cash with no deductions for taxes at all. The ones who use fraudulent social security numbers and qualify to pay taxes and social security have so many deductions for dependents that they pay little if any taxes. We have seen them pay less than $100 in taxes and get back $4,000 refunds (thanks to earned income tax credits and multiple dependents). The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that the average Mexican illegal alien costs U.S. taxpayers a whopping $55,000 each. Some bargain, eh?
6. The economy does NOT depend on illegal aliens. Sure, greedy CEOs (making $50 to $150 MILLION a year) and business owners depend on illegal aliens, but due to #3, #4 and #5 above, the only thing illegal aliens are contributing to is the collapse of our economy and making the rich richer.
7. Without illegal aliens, the price of agricultural products and other goods and services will NOT soar. The definitive study on this subject is the University of Iowa's "How Much Is That Tomato?" The study concludes that 'since labor is such a small component of the end-price of agricultural products (which includes price to the growers, transportation costs, processing /storage costs, grocers' profit, etc.), using minimum wage workers instead of illegal aliens would increase prices of agricultural products by approximately 3 percent in the summer and 4 percent in the winter ... hardly the making of $10 heads of lettuce, $25 hamburgers, $1,000 per night Days Inn hotel rooms like the pro-illegal alien lobby claims.
8. Consumers are NOT benefiting from lower labor costs. Again, it's CEOs and business owners who benefit from taxpayer subsidies for their illegal alien workers. The Big Three automakers say they moved so many jobs to Mexico because their labor costs are 80 percent less than in America. Anybody notice the price of new cars spiraling downward under NAFTA?
So, before you believe the prevalent pack of lies perpetuated by the illegal alien lobby, which makes billions off this government-sanctioned criminal activity, ask yourself who's saying this garbage and look at what they have to gain. Citizens Against Illegal Immigration, just like Protect Arizona NOW, is an all-volunteer, totally grass-roots organization of citizens who are making nothing and have nothing personal to gain from their efforts to fight this corruption. Whose side are you on, and what are YOU doing to save your state and country from this evil?

this is insane

 an estimated 8% of America's workforce is composed of illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, eight million U.S. citizens can't find employment. What is wrong with this picture folks? One-third of the prison population in America is composed of illegal aliens. 36 to 42 percent of illegal aliens are on welfare. For a good proportion of these people, the American dream becomes a life of crime and welfare, not coming here to find work. What ever happened to American sovereignty? Our borders are wide open. President Bush promised 2,000 new boarder patrol guards. To date, he has provided only 200. Do you have any idea what illegal immigration is doing to destroy America? These illegal aliens DON'T pay a dime in taxes!!! They are paid peanut-wages under-the-table. Yet they enjoy the benefits of health care, food stamps and enrolling their children into our public school system. Who do you think pays for all that? That's right, you and me! Why are legal U.S. citizens paying for the bills of ILLEGAL aliens?
By flooding America with illegal immigrants, corporations are provided with slave-laborers who have NO rights.  President Bush claims that the illegals are filling the job slots that Americans don't want.  This is a lie.  Of course we don't want those jobs, who wants to work for $2-4 an hour?  Who can survive on such little pay in today's economy?  By the Bush administration providing illegal aliens who are willing to work for slave wages and without benefits, it encourages U.S. corporations to bypass American workers in preference of illegal aliens who can easily be EXPLOITED to work for next to nothing. 
Our living standards as Americans will continue to decrease.  Perhaps you are one of the fortunate ones who haven't felt the pinch yet, but you will...YOU WILL!  The dollar has lost 30% of its value since the year 2000.  The price of oil has skyrocketed to over $56 a barrel.  Fewer and fewer companies are offering benefits.  Insurance companies are ruthlessly changing their policies to cover less and less, denying every claim possible.  Alan Greenspan warned that three and a half million manufacturing jobs have left the USA just in the past four years alone.  Those high-paying jobs are being replaced by low-paying service oriented jobs (basically doing each other's laundry).  And MANY of those new jobs are being filled with illegal alien workers.  Not one American company was fined or punished last year for hiring illegal immigrants.  C'mon folks, wake up!

Israel clamps down on illegal immigrants: Life bans and 10-year expulsions - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Israel clamps down on illegal immigrants: Life bans and 10-year expulsions - Haaretz Daily Newspaper Israel News

obooboo destroying america again!!!!!!!!!!

wake up america!!!!
our security and way of life is in jeopardy



HE EVEN STATED....................
 Osmakac stated his belief that Muslims' 'blood' was more valuable than that of people who do not believe in Islam. He also stated that he wanted 'pay back' for wrongs he felt were done to Muslims," the documents say.