Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i am tired of people asking me what i am,meaning what country i am from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really get pissed when people talk about what country they are from and then ask me where i am from.i tell them i am an american.they say,"no really,where are you from?"
i am as american as an american indian.i was born here,so were both parents as well as grandparents.
we were a nation of immigrants.we are no longer.
we came,had kids,there kids had kids and everyone assimilated.not like today.they come,keep their language and collect our money.
they get help to get business loans,apartments,social security etc.
i am tired of it!
i am not a racist or anti immigration.
i have a right to defend my culture and way of life,even of my govt wont.
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