Friday, February 10, 2012

THIS IS UNBELEIVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Abortion is a Blessing": US Episcopalian Lesbian Minister Appointed to Head Prestigious Seminary

By Hilary White
April 2, 2009 ( - Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, an openly lesbian minister in the American Episcopal Church, has caused a stir on the internet with a sermon, posted to her weblog, in which she called abortion a "blessing" and called for the suppression of rights of conscience for health care workers.
In her sermon, titled, "Our Work is Not Done," she wrote that there should be no restrictions whatever on abortion: "If we were to find that, while we were here, Congress had acted to insure that abortion would always be legal, that would be a very good thing; but our work would not be done."

"If we were suddenly to find a host of trained providers, insuring access in every city, town, village, and military base throughout the world, that would be a very good thing; but our work would not be done."
Rev. Ragsdale, a director of a left-leaning think tank, Political Research Associates, was appointed on March 30th as the next president of Episcopal Divinity School (EDS) in Cambridge, MA. She was the unanimous choice of the School's Board of Trustees and will begin her duties on July 1, 2009. Catholic Online news service reported that she has previously served on the boards of NARAL Pro-Choice America and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.
She posted the sermon, given in Birmingham Alabama in 2007, in August last year, but it has flashed around the "bloggosphere" in the last 24 hours after it was linked to by two of the most popular American Catholic bloggers on the internet, "Diogenes" and Fr. John Zhulsdorf.
The sermon was removed from her blog earlier today after 59 commenters urged her to repent of her support for abortion.
In her sermon, Ragsdale denied the assertions of some "progressive" clergy who call abortion a "tragedy," saying abortion is instead a "blessing." "When a woman finds herself pregnant due to violence and chooses an abortion," she said, "it is the violence that is the tragedy; the abortion is a blessing."

She described various situations in which "abortion is a blessing", including in cases of foetal "anomalies," rape or incest, material poverty and "lack of social support."
"When a woman becomes pregnant within a loving, supportive, respectful relationship; has every option open to her; decides she does not wish to bear a child; and has access to a safe, affordable abortion - there is not a tragedy in sight -- only blessing."
Rev. Ragsdale, described the "heroic" actions of abortion workers in keeping the local abortion facility running during a protest by "Operation Save America."

When a woman can receive an abortion at any stage, and for any reason or no reason, Rev. Ragsdale wrote, "our work" in the abortion lobby "will be done."
She said that although "we in the religious community" have a history of defending rights of conscience, the situation of health care workers and pharmacists who object to abortion is not analogous.
"There's a world of difference between those who engage in such civil disobedience, and pay the price, and doctors and pharmacists who insist that the rest of the world reorder itself to protect their consciences," she said. If a doctor or pharmacist objects to abortion or dispensing contraceptives, she wrote, they should "choose another field."

The news that a virulent supporter of abortion has been appointed to a prominent leadership position in the US Episcopal Church has jumped the Atlantic with coverage by the UK's popular Catholic blogger, Damian Thompson, who writes for the Daily Telegraph newspaper's website.
Thompson wrote, "Do not, please, make the mistake of assuming that she is an unrepresentative extremist: liberal Anglicans in America are among the most fervent supporters of abortion in the world, outstripping even atheists in their enthusiasm for this gruesome procedure."
The extremely popular pseudonymous blogger, "Diogenes," wrote on the Catholic Culture website that the presence of such pro-abortion clergy in the Episcopal Church is ultimately due to the failure of leadership in the Anglican Church as a whole, and specifically the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.
"Doctor Williams' 'big tent' approach to doctrinal deviance has earned him the congratulation of the media (and the deviants)."
"At some point a man has to make a choice: he can either be a critic -- aloof, sceptical, ironic -- or he can commit himself to the battle. But Williams wants to have it both ways, watching the game from the sidelines and then trying to crowd into the team photo when it's over."

Kensington grocery store workers who charge the owner illegally underpaid them for years are fighting back - and getting many neighborhood residents on their side.
Ten workers at Golden Farm charged in a lawsuit they were paid just $4.86 an hour for 72-hour weeks. Owner Sonny Kim started paying minimum wage after the workers started organizing with New York Communities for Change and filed the suit last year, but has refused to hand over back pay.
“We are looking to get back all the years he stole from us,” said Nicandro Martinez-Rodriguez, 48, who said he has worked in the produce department for 12 years - most of it making $350 a week for 12 hour days, 6 days a week.
Many Kensington residents and longtime Golden Farm shoppers have backed up the workers, holding protests at the store, signing petitions, going door to door in the neighborhood, and spreading the word online.
Some are refusing to shop at the store - and sending Kim notes telling him they won’t be back until he pays up - while others continue to shop there, but make sure to wear buttons saying they support the workers when they go in.
“I just don’t feel comfortable continuing to shop there knowing that the workers weren’t being respected,” said Brian Pickett, 33, an adjunct professor who has also handed out info sheets to customers leaving the store.
“I’d like to resume shopping there once the owner accepts his responsibility.”
Manager Steve Kim insisted the store has always paid minimum wage. “We keep American rules and regulations 100%” he said. “The Spanish guys don’t know English writing and reading. How would they know American labor law?”
The workers are also pushing for a contract that includes paid sick time and other benefits, which Kim said the store can’t afford.
“They are not Wall Street office workers or chemical engineers. They are just minimum wage workers. We pay over minimum wage. That’s it,” he said, adding only a
“small minority” of customers have complained.
One of the people who has complained is Eleanor Rodgers, 34, a receptionist, who wears a button when she goes into the store and has gone door knocking to alert other neighbors’ to the workers’ plight, as well as spreading the word to other moms on the playground.
“We’re really fond of the shop, but we’re really horrified to hear how badly the workers are paid,” she said. Workers and neighbors are planning a rally at the store Saturday.
Roberto Ramirez, 40, a worker at Golden Farm for six years, said encouragement from customers helped employees take a stand.
“They treated us like slaves,” he said. “I am seeing that the community is supporting us...They are the ones who had actually been motivating us to do this.”