Tuesday, January 10, 2012

this is insane

 an estimated 8% of America's workforce is composed of illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, eight million U.S. citizens can't find employment. What is wrong with this picture folks? One-third of the prison population in America is composed of illegal aliens. 36 to 42 percent of illegal aliens are on welfare. For a good proportion of these people, the American dream becomes a life of crime and welfare, not coming here to find work. What ever happened to American sovereignty? Our borders are wide open. President Bush promised 2,000 new boarder patrol guards. To date, he has provided only 200. Do you have any idea what illegal immigration is doing to destroy America? These illegal aliens DON'T pay a dime in taxes!!! They are paid peanut-wages under-the-table. Yet they enjoy the benefits of health care, food stamps and enrolling their children into our public school system. Who do you think pays for all that? That's right, you and me! Why are legal U.S. citizens paying for the bills of ILLEGAL aliens?
By flooding America with illegal immigrants, corporations are provided with slave-laborers who have NO rights.  President Bush claims that the illegals are filling the job slots that Americans don't want.  This is a lie.  Of course we don't want those jobs, who wants to work for $2-4 an hour?  Who can survive on such little pay in today's economy?  By the Bush administration providing illegal aliens who are willing to work for slave wages and without benefits, it encourages U.S. corporations to bypass American workers in preference of illegal aliens who can easily be EXPLOITED to work for next to nothing. 
Our living standards as Americans will continue to decrease.  Perhaps you are one of the fortunate ones who haven't felt the pinch yet, but you will...YOU WILL!  The dollar has lost 30% of its value since the year 2000.  The price of oil has skyrocketed to over $56 a barrel.  Fewer and fewer companies are offering benefits.  Insurance companies are ruthlessly changing their policies to cover less and less, denying every claim possible.  Alan Greenspan warned that three and a half million manufacturing jobs have left the USA just in the past four years alone.  Those high-paying jobs are being replaced by low-paying service oriented jobs (basically doing each other's laundry).  And MANY of those new jobs are being filled with illegal alien workers.  Not one American company was fined or punished last year for hiring illegal immigrants.  C'mon folks, wake up!

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