Saturday, January 28, 2012


30 years ago i met and fell in love with the woman of my dreams.over the years i found out she is uber liberal.we are at war constantly.i am for america and against illegal immigration.she says she loves that my beloved brooklyn has become a 3rd world dump.she feels she is getting "CULTURED"here in when she goes out she is in another country and that makes her feel good.WOW!
this is the mindset of liberals.
we are at a turning point that i beleive is too late already.we have multiculturalized ourselves to extinction.we have allowed the hispanic lobby to let millions of uneducated,lowlife,yes i said it....LOWLIFE....third world scum to invade us at a rate never seen before.the indians allowed this one time and look what happened to them.
who is mexico to demand we allow these people who break our laws to live,work,collect benefits here?
when will the true american patriots stand up and say ENOUGH!!!!
we are fighting for our beleoved brooklyn is lost.i am a minority and am looked on like a racist and not a part of THEIR culture.
anyway....back to my can love a liberal,its really hard,they will make you feel like a racist,unamerican and will wonder if they are right.i did,i used to think maybe i was crazy.i almost fell for the "immigrant nation"thing.we are no longer a nation of immigrants people.we are a nation of decendents of "LEGAL"immigrants and colonists.
to say these new illegals are immigrants is absurd.they have no respect for MY country.they refuse to speak english,or assimilate.they come and abuse us and no one cares.
we go about our lives as long as we have.we have our cars and jobs and houses and trips and cancer walks and aids walks and so on.then we could care less.
our founders as well as those that fought for our freedoms would be appalled.they must be looking down on us and crying.
loving a liberal is hard work.sometimes i wonder if it worth it.but i know one day when we are fighting here in our country and she loses her job and a illegal gets it she will maybe wake up.then she will be glad she married a TRUE PATRIOT.

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