Sunday, March 18, 2012

i am so tired of the liberals saying illegals do jobs americans wont do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a total deception.americans are hard working people.we will clean toilets,wash fruits,pick fruits and clean dishes.we will alndscape and do all jobs illegals do.i grew up with friends who had fathers that raised families working in supermarkets,and doing odd you go to supermarkets and see illegals who dont speak english and who refuse to working there.
immigrants came here 100 yrs and more ago to make america better and to better their lives.they came and struggled and respected what america was.they didnt come and get welfare,food stamps and free schools and lunches and medical.they either worked or didnt eat.
today there is an incentive to come and drop babies and live a better life from day one.they will get interpretors,free medical,etc.
there is no need today to assimilate.we americans are now forced to assimilate to the new immigrants.
i live in brooklyn,and the asian poulation has exploded.within the last 7 yrs my area has become an annex of english spoken anywhere.its a dman disgrace.
here is a link about this problem
we better wake up although i feel its too late already.
a civil war is coming to america if we day the americans who have kept their heads up their asses and accepted this multiculturalism will wake up when all of their assets are taken and fight back.
the government is behind this mass illegal and legal migration here.
we have become a 3rd world flophouse.

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