Tuesday, March 27, 2012

time to ban burkhas???????????

you in america lady,you are free.why do you want to be covered head to toe?whyshould we allow this?

this is a disgrace


  1. freedom of religion is why. why does it bother you so much. they aren't asking you to wear one. Live and let live and quit complaining. that's what's wrong with the world today. No one minds their own business.

    1. I agree. Why should only Christans belowed to show there faith. You would have a heartattack if you went to Canada. All walks of people living in the same community. All tespecting each other even if they disagree with others religion. What horror!!!!

    2. catholics dont walk around with burkhas,sorry,get it right.to make your woman walk with a covering of her whole body is a disrespectful act.why do men walk around in summer in shorts and t shirts and women have to be covered head to toe and wear gloves?become a nun and i would understand.we respect all here in america,but if you come here you must assimilate and dress like americans or go back where u came from

    3. Im a white male. If I walk around in a black cloak with my face covered, and it isn't halloween the police will harass me and depending on what state im in I could be in violation of a law that prohibits wearing masks in public.

  2. america is free to all but you must have respect for our culture and ways.we dont pray 5 times a day toward mecca,sorry.we love our women and respec tthem,we dont make them dress like fools.its funny how muslim men love american women.mohammed was a murderer and a liar.he killed and enslaved many.if you follow the ideology of islam today there is something wrong.how come everyone picks on catholics and christians but not ,muslims?is it fear?has islam made everyone afraid to speak out?even their own women?sorry.this is wrong and not good for america.but i respect your right to disagree.

  3. Like you said, America is free. If the women dress that way, let them. It is their decision to make, not yours. They don't have to "assimilate" here, because here they have the freedom to dress themselves and pray as they please, as long as they are not disturbing others. How do you define, "dressing like an American," anyway?

    Also, if you believe in restricting their right to pray five times per day, why not support the restriction of other religious rights as well? What is the difference?

    Finally, not "everyone" picks on Catholics and Christians. I don't follow any form of religion, myself, but I get along with many Catholics and Christians just fine. I don't seek them out and pick on them just because of their religious beliefs. That would be judgmental and downright ridiculous.

  4. everyone does pick on catholics and christians,museum pieces depicting the virgin mary covered in dung at the brooklyn museum,etc.if they did that to a pic of mohammed there would be riots.assimilation is becoming american,yes dressing like one.not covered head to toe you are free in private to do what u want but in public act like the rest of america.you feel immigrants dont need to assimilate?why?this is america not saudi arabia.anyway good debate

  5. you are either an american or not.period.red,yellow,black,there is no hyphen.
    you are not free to come here and do what u want.freedom means responsibility
    being american and if you dont know what that is that is sad.

  6. ................Islamic non assimilation - Immigrati...on meant to take over a country - not to become a citizen of the new land!

    3,000 Somalis showed up in Lewiston, Maine, pop. 36,000. Now Lewiston has nearly double the violent crime rate of the state average. In the Finnish town of Lieksa, it’s the same story. Or in Shelbyville, Alabama. There are Little Mogadishus all over which share the problems of the big Mogadishu. The bigger they get, the bigger the problems get.

  7. Immigrants have been coming to America for more than two centuries, looking to escape the yoke of tyranny. They have sought to use their God-given talents to attain a lifestyle limited by constraints within their birth nation. But they understand doing so and becoming U.S. citizens requires allegiance to a new country—and an obligation to abide by its laws. As waves of immigrants have come to our shores, none have ever sought to bring their own laws with them to trump ours—until now.

    America’s greatness has been enhanced for 235 years by immigrants possessing a good work ethic only in need of a level playing field to be nurtured. Embracing what their new country stands for, they have ultimately assimilated, coming to understand success for all is based on equality for all.

    Assimilation is the process by which one group takes on cultural and other traits of a larger group “to become part of something greater.” It is a process that has served America well in maintaining the core values to which our Constitution is anchored. But, it is a process anathema to Islam.